Disaster-proof cloud

The disaster-proof cloud solution is based on the geographically distributed and fully redundant virtual cluster (data storage systems, controllers, FC-adapters, optical switches, etc.) represented at the two sites – OST and NORD data centers.The distance between them is 33 km.

CloudLine Metrocluster disaster-proof cloud is based on top NetApp data storage system and VMware vSphere software.

The operation scheme of CloudLine Metrocluster is similar to the operation mode of a high availability cluster, i.e. in case of failure of any of the hosts, virtual machines will automatically be restarted on the available hosts. If there are no available hosts on the main site, the virtual machines will be run on the second site.

CloudLine Metrocluster greatly reduces RTO and RPO values of the service in case of a failure of the whole data center. RTO is equal to the start time of virtual machines at the remote site –between 2 and 15 minutes on the average depending on how many virtual machines provide the application's functionality. RPO is equal to zero because synchronous replication of data at the level of the data storage system is set up between the primary and backup sites. Moreover,  distributed virtual cluster allows to host services, the architecture of which supports load balancing, such as Internet portals with multiple front-end servers.