Disaster-proof cloud

CloudLine Metrocluster is a disaster-proof cloud, solution that ensures continuous operation and complete protection of your business-critical applications and data in cases of force majeure.

CloudLine Metrocluster is irreplaceable solution for the following businesses:

  • finance
  • insurance
  • communications
  • transport
  • continuous production

All elements of the virtual cluster are duplicated at two sites (OST and NORD data centers), which are located 33 km away from each other. Between them data mirroring at the level of data storage systems (DSS) is maintained. In case of any failure at one of the sites (power failure, failure of any part of the data storage system controllers, failure of communication channels between the data centers), your data and services will be accessible for you and your end users.

Advantages of CloudLine Metrocluster:

  • Full protection of business-critical applications and data from internal failures and external threats
  • Load balancing at the level of the two data centers
  • Automatic migration of virtual machines to the backup site in case of unavailability of one of the data centers
  • Data Mirroring at the level of data storage systems (The Recovery Point Objective (RPO)) - 0 minutes
  • Start of the virtual machine at the recovery site (Recovery Time Objective (RTO)) - from 2 minutes
  • Consulting services on development of disaster recovery plans, and ensuring continuity of your applications and services
  • Personal account manager



Additional services: