Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Direct Access

Direct access to the cloud is provided through connection to the access switches.

This method of connection is available for the customers who already have their own network equipment in DataLine data center or the operators who have their points of presence (PoP) in the data center.


GRE VPN technology ensures access to virtual resources from customer's LAN, in the absence of direct access via dedicated peer-to-peer channels.

With GRE VPN you can arrange a tunnel with private addressing via the Internet.

IPSec Site-to-Site VPN

Data security in the cloud is one of the most complex issues in the transition to cloud computing. The IPSec technology can solve the problem of secure access to the cloud via the Internet through the organization of an encrypted tunnel.1

IPSec provides a high level of data protection from unauthorized access by using encryption and authentication algorithms.

The main advantages of the method are:

  • High level of security. The used encryption algorithms provide sufficient security of Internet access.
  • Efficiency. It is an alternative to expensive lease of dedicated peer-to-peer channels.
  • Scalability. Increase the number of tunnels quickly and easily as your business grows.

Cisco Easy VPN

The main advantage of using the Cisco Easy VPN Client is that the customer at the remote sites does not have to install additional network equipment. The customer only need to install Cisco Easy VPN client on his device (a workstation, laptop, smartphone, or server), which provides users of the service with high mobility.

Secure access is provided by powerful encryption algorithms, such as AES and 3DES.

The main advantages of access through Cisco Easy VPN are:

  • High level of security. The used encryption algorithms provide security of Internet access.
  • Low cost. No need to install additional equipment on the remote side.
  • Remote access. Cisco Easy VPN Client transfers the user directly to the corporate network with further use of all available resources.
  • High mobility. The user can access his services in the data center from any mobile device that supports Cisco Easy VPN client.

Technical support. DataLine's specialists have extensive experience in using this solution and are ready to help to solve any problems or when non-standard connection patterns are used.


SSL VPN ensures remote access from any location via standard Web browser and SSL encryption. SSL VPN provides access to resources without installing additional applications on the local PC.

VPN SSL can provide the following services:

  • Network connect
  • HTTP over HTTPS.
  • Windows File Sharing
  • Telnet/SSH
  • RDP/Citrix
  • VMware View
  • Email

The main advantages of access via SSL VPN are:

  • Safe use of the internal network resources via any web-browser.
  • Ability to use on any mobile devices, as well as any computers with Internet access (no specialized software).

1 Access to DataLine cloud can be arranged with redundant tunnels; this scheme is implemented using two routers, the functions of which are fully redundant.