Tier 3
10763 sq.m
Total floor
23200 kVA
Total installed

NORD Data Center (Korovinskoe shosse)

  • General information
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    NORD site (Korovinskoe Highway) consists of four Tier 3 data centers - NORD-1, NORD-2, NORD-3 and NORD-4. Two sets of NORD-4 were launched in 2015. The project and facility of NORD-4 have been certified in accordance with Uptime Institute TIER III standards: Design and Facility.

  • Computer room
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  • Computer room
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  • Security service
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    24-hour security service and access control and monitoring system (ACMS) protect against unauthorized access to the territory and infrastructure premises of the data center. All NORD data centers are equipped with alarm button for requesting emergency assistance from federal police.

  • Security service
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    Video surveillance system provides 24-hour monitoring of the interior premises and surrounding areas of the data center.

  • Security service
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    The image from all the cameras is transmitted on a 24x7 basis to the security service monitors and recorded. Video archives are stored up to three months. In My Profile and DL Monitor mobile application you can set up online broadcast from the cameras placed near your equipment in NORD data centers.

  • Security service
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    On request the racks can be protected with special cages and equipped with additional video surveillance cameras and access control system.

  • Power supply
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    NORD data centers have 2N redundant power system: the power is supplied from the city (MKS JSC "Mosenergo", District No.21) through two beams to 6 step-down transformers.

  • Power supply
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    If the main power supply source fails, NORD data centers automatically switches to power supply from 11 FG Wilson diesel generators. The gas oil and antifreeze of the diesel-driven generators is permanently kept in warm state, thanks to that the diesel generators are always ready for a start and reach the nominal capacity in 1 minute.

  • Power supply
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    The fuel capacity of the tank of one diesel generator is enough to data center operation during 12 hours. Existing contracts with contractors for prompt delivery of diesel fuel ensures autonomous operation of the data center as long as it is necessary, even in case of long-term failure of the urban electrical network. Diesel generators are N+1 redundant.

  • Power supply
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    While diesel generators are being started, the power supply of NORD data centers is provided by APC MGE Galaxy 7000 uninterruptible power supply units (UPS).

  • Power supply
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    The battery capacity of the UPS units can supply data center for at least 15 minutes. UPS units are 2N redundant.

  • Cooling system
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    In NORD-1, NORD-2, NORD-3, Uniflair and Hiref precision dual-circuit freon air conditioners with air underfeed are used. NORD-4 will be equipped with chilled water air conditioners. Thanks to the chiller water scheme, NORD-4 data center will be able to operate in free cooling mode.

  • Cooling system
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    On the roof and near the buildings, the external condensing units are located. Each air conditioner is connected to two of these external units.

  • Cooling system
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    NORD cooling system is N+1 redundant.

  • Cooling system
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    Cooling system of the computer rooms is arranged on the Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle principle. In computer rooms constant microclimate is maintained: temperature is maintained at 25 ̊C (± 2), and humidity – at 30-70%. The cooling system is N+1 redundant.

  • Fire prevention
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    NORD data centers are equipped with the automatic gas fire suppression unit, which provides early fire source detection, alarm, and automatic fire extinguishing.

  • Fire prevention
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    The extinguishing agent is Freon 125, which is piped to the protected premises. The fire extinguishing system is 2N redundant.

  • Telecoms
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    The network infrastructure is 2N redundant. The IP/MPLS network is distributed across two data centers and has points of presence at MMTS-9 and MMTS-10.

  • Telecoms
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    The network is connected to the MSK-IX, DATA-IX, RETN-IX traffic exchange points. All nodes are interconnected by redundant fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL). DataLine has all the required licenses and a wide range of telecom providers to render telecommunication services to customers of the data center.

  • Monitoring
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    NORD data centers' monitoring centers track all indicators of the engineering systems of the data center (climate, energy and network parameters) on a 24x7 basis.

  • Monitoring
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    Customers also have the opportunity to observe individual parameters of the data center operation and monitor their own equipment located in our data center using the My Profile.

  • Infrastructure for clients
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    In NORD data centers, there are available offices for arranging a disaster recovery office. There is everything required for comfortable placement of the staff of our customers: electricity, high speed Internet, telephone.

  • Infrastructure for clients
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    Besides, all buildings of NORD data centers are equipped with coworking areas.

  • Infrastructure for clients
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    Corridors of NORD data centers are equipped with special boxes where a customer can leave things or tools necessary for the work in the data center.